Garden Renovation - Complete Makeover

Watch a complete garden makeover transforming from design to planting. See the garden 5 month after planting here: *** Many have asked so I write it here: Musical piece at the beginning of the video - Tchaikovsky, waltz of the flowers (the nutcracker suite) *** The whole processes took about 6 days of work over 2 month time, here shrinked into 16 minutes. 00:00 Before and cleanup 01:27 From paper to real world 02:16 Irrigation system renovation 02:24 Installing lawn liner 02:40 Digging for irrigation pipes 02:57 Installing sprinklers 03:50 Placing pebbles 05:05 Placing flagstones walkway 06:40 Tree pruning 07:28 Super cool mini loader silage fork attachment 08:00 Having fun 08:45 Placing lawn 09:29 Installing dripping pipes 10:15 Planting 11:00 Fertilizing 11:33 After 3 weeks - first lawn treatment 13:16 Filling holes and leveling the new lawn 13:53 Final visit thanks for watching